We make every effort to treat all people (i.e.; clients, staff, supervisors, vendors, parents, guardians, members of the community) with respect. We respect people’s choices and individuality.

We encourage people to be well groomed, and wear clothing that is clean, free of stains, nicely pressed, and the correct size. We continually promote the importance of living and working in a clean environment.

We respect individual and organizational property. We urge people to take care of facilities, vehicles, and personal property, and advocate for leaving things in better condition than we found them. We respect our community. We strive to be good neighbors and customers. We have nice facilities that improve our neighborhoods, and are honest and fair in our business transactions.

We respect our staff. We understand the hard work and dedication that direct support staff give, and we do our best to show appreciation for their contributions and input. We want to do things right, but we want to do the right things as well.

We respect authority. It is imperative that we follow the rules and laws of the City of Laramie, State of Wyoming and the United States of America. We believe everyone should show respect to our supervisors and leaders of the organization, as well as accrediting and regulatory agencies.