We have strong leadership and endeavor to foster a diligent, loyal and unified staff. We provide effective and relevant staff development opportunities. We encourage staff at all levels to have input, and provide a means for them to communicate questions, concerns, ideas and solutions while using the professional band of communication and Ark’s open door policy. Clients and staff are welcome into any department into which they enter.

Change is inevitable. We understand that people don’t resist change, but resist BEING changed; therefore, we communicate changes and give people opportunity to express concerns. We support people through change, for change can be difficult at first. We encourage creativity, different perspectives and initiative, and appreciate people’s efforts to try new things and offer different opportunities to people.

Communication is vital. We encourage communication within and between departments, employees, supervisors and leadership. Although we can’t guarantee the answers a person wants, we value what people have to say, and do our best to address questions and concerns. We say thank you at every opportunity, and provide constructive feedback rather than criticism.

Financial security is essential. We use fiscal prudence when making decisions and look for cost effectiveness while still maintaining quality. We facilitate opportunities for natural supports and volunteers as often as appropriate. When decisions are made to assure the financial health of the organization, we weigh all possible consequences in order to be as fair as possible to clients and staff. We actively pursue our goals of conserving our natural and financial resources. We strictly adhere to policies on waste, fraud, and using agency resources for personal gain.

We remember where we came from and things we’ve learned from past experiences as we move forward in our mission to facilitate opportunities for people to live, learn, work and play. We keep current on all state and national issues, and are actively involved in issues over which we have influence.

We believe in strategic and succession planning, at all levels.