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Opportunities for Living...

People have choice in the way they live their lives. 

People’s lives should reflect what is important to them. We provide supports designed to offer people the greatest degree of independence and encourage the highest level of participation. We can provide services that are tailored to your individual needs, and can assist you with increasing the skills you need to be successful.

Opportunities for Learning...

Learning is a process that happens on many levels throughout every day.

Regardless of where life takes us, gaining knowledge and developing skill is essential to experiencing it to its fullest! Our dedicated staff members are here to support you in identifying areas that you would like to develop in your life, and to assist you in creating the best opportunities for success possible.

Opportunities for Working...

Fulfilling work is important to people. 

Work helps us express ourselves, connect to our communities, and develop confidence. Our goal is to assist people in securing meaningful employment based upon their skills and interests. We will assist you in developing successful work opportunities and experiences.

Opportunities for Playing...

Life should be fun…isn’t that the point?

People should do the things they enjoy in the company of people they like. We support people in developing meaningful relationships, fostering natural supports, and participating in and contributing to their community. We value fun, and encourage people to find every opportunity to experience life.

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Funding and Eligibility


In order to be eligible for our services, you must have a funding source. Funding sources may include:


  • Wyoming Home and Community Based Waiver

  • School Districts

  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Self Pay


If you do not have a funding source, we can give you the contact information for agencies that may be able to assist you.


The majority of the people we serve receive their funding from the Wyoming Home and Community Based Waiver. The Wyoming HCB Waiver has eligibility requirements which include, but are not limited to:


  • IQ Score

  • Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP) Score

  • Financial Eligibility


If you would like further information on eligibility requirements, please contact Angela Mosley at 307-742-6641 or the Wyoming Developmental Disabilities Division at 307-777-7115.

Fine and Performing Arts Opportunities

Fine and Performing Arts opportunities are available through a diverse and varied curriculum at the Cooper Center for Creative Arts. Students can take classes from professional artists in a variety of medium, learn to play a musical instrument, or perform in a theatrical production. Students might also explore health benefits through movement by taking a class in yoga, Nia®, or dance.

Equine Assisted Activities

Equine Assisted Activities include equine animal husbandry classes, employment opportunities, hippotherapy, and recreational riding, and occur at the Ark Equestrian Center. People work alongside horse professionals to gain knowledge and skills and work though challenges inherent to caring for horses.


Horticulture facilitates a variety of experiences for people. Whether it is the aesthetics that come from growing flowers in one of our many gardens around Laramie, or the "seed to table" experience manifested in the vegetable and herb gardens, each experience is enriching and challenging. Our horticulturists utilize a hoop house style green house and additional specialized growing methods created to extend an enjoyable Laramie growing season.

Structured Individualized Learning Opportunities

Structured individualized learning opportunities are available through the use of errorless learning concepts and Gentle Teaching techniques in order to provide the support necessary for people with severe and profound disabilities in their community. By focusing on communication, fine and gross motor skill development, relaxation, and building healthy relationships people find success doing what they need and want to do.

Language Arts and Literacy Classes

Functional Literacy is a vital part of navigating through life and raising one's standard of living. Classes are offered at a variety of skill levels through a unique adult literacy program and communication coursework. Other Language Arts based classes in the areas of global studies, literature, sign language, foreign language, and technology integration are offered on a semester basis.


Volunteerism is a critical component of community participation. Volunteering alongside a wide variety of people is one of the best means there is to naturally promote people getting to know each other, and bridges the gap from recognizing or acknowledging fellow community members to developing relationships and friendships with fellow community members. Staff and individuals work together to identify and secure volunteer opportunities that fit with the individual’s interests, skills, and future vocational aspirations.

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