Ark Regional Services

Laramie, Wyoming

Facilitating opportunities for people to live, learn, work, and play since 1963.

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Ark Regional Services

Attn: Mandy McMicheal

1150 N. 3rd St.

Laramie, WY 82072

Employment Opportunities


We are looking for dependable, creative, and energetic employees who want to support people with intellectual disabilities and acquired brain injuries to live, learn, work, and play.


Benefits for part and full time employees include:

  • Paid Leave and Training
  • Health and Dental Insurance for full time positions
  • Retirement through the Wyoming Retirement System for positions scheduled for 30 or more hours per week
  • A fun, supportive, and cooperative work environment
  • The opportunity to learn valuable skills while making a difference in someone’s life


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Current Openings:


Full time:

• 1359 N 5th St: Awake Night Monitor: Sunday-Thursday: 10pm-6am

• Residential Apartments: Monday-Friday: 6am-2pm

• 1382 N 3rd St: Monday-Friday: 2pm-10pm


Part time:



Part time Direct Support Staff Position:


• 1658 N 6th St: Saturday/Sunday: 2pm-10pm

• 530 Beaufort # 96: Saturday/Sunday: 8am-8pm

• 530 Beaufort # 96: Saturday/Sunday: 8am-8pm

• 530 Beaufort #96: Awake Night Monitor: Sunday-Tuesday: 8pm-8am

• 1359 N 5th St: Awaken Night Monitor: Saturday-Monday: 10pm-6am

• 1359 N 5th St: Saturday/Sunday: 6am-2pm

• 1359 N 5th St: Sunday/Monday: 6am-2pm

• 1359 N 5th St: Friday/Saturday: 2pm-8:30pm

• Residential Apartments: Saturday/Sunday: 6am-2pm

• Residential Apartments: Awake Night Monitor: Friday/Saturday: 10pm-6am

• Residential Apartments: Saturday/Sunday: 2pm-10pm

• 2145 Hancock: Awake Night Monitor: Friday/Saturday: 10pm-6am & Sunday: 8pm-6am

• Redhouse: Saturday/Sunday: 2pm-10pm

• 530 Beaufort #4: Monday-Friday: 4pm-8pm

• 1754 N 23rd St: Monday-Friday: 2pm-8pm

• 1260 N 5th St: Saturday/Sunday: 8am-4pm

• 1382 N 3rd St: Awake Night Monitor: Monday-Thursday: 10pm-6am

• 1382 N 3rd St: Saturday/Sunday: 2pm-10pm

• 1382 N 3rd St: Saturday/Sunday: 6am-2pm

• 516/518 Reynolds: Saturday/Sunday: 7am-3pm

• 516/518 Reynolds: Saturday/Sunday: 6am-2pm

• 516/518 Reynolds: Monday-Friday: 6am-9am

• 516/518 Reynolds: Saturday/Sunday: 2pm-10pm

• 2116 Binford #202: Saturday/Sunday: 2pm-8pm

• 1332 S 17th St #103: Monday-Friday: 7am-10am

• 506 S Johnson St #3: Monday-Friday: 7am-9am

• 1320 S 17th ST #10-102: Days very: 5pm-8pm

• Supported Living: Monday-Friday: 4pm-8pm

• Supported Living: Friday: 6am-2pm/Saturday: 7:30am-1:30pm

• Supported Living: Saturday/Sunday: 8am-8pm


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Ark Regional Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


TDD: 1-800-545-1813 ext. 308




1150 North 3rd Street, Laramie, Wyoming 82072 ~ 307-742-6641 ~ 1-855-282-7753 ~ TDD:1-800-545-1833 ext. 308 ~